15 Jan 2016

BOULEVARD Door by Bertolotto

The "Boulevard" door collection confirms the collaboration between the company Bertolotto Porte and the well-known architect Gianni Arnaudo. These are models inspired by nature-related themes and which provide a unique style for room furnishing.

The concept of the collection challenges such parameters that would usually determine a door's value as well as its components. Thus "rigid symmetry", in the words of the designer himself, is abandoned.

The strict concept of a door is revolutionized: "the value of the material is destroyed, which is deliberately made of true MDF, despite the hardwood or perfect coating." There isn't a real and singular frame, as it is rather coplanar to the door itself. The design is in fact extended over the entire surface of the door and the sense of continuity recreates a sequence of stylized trees.

The striking effect that emerges is that of a tree in perspective or of a fantasy forest. Everyone can freely play with the imagination.  As suggested by Gianni Arnaudo "enter the new planet of doors" with the Boulevard collection.

Gianni Arnaudo, currently a professor of environmental technology at the Faculty of Architecture of the Polytechnic School of Turin, began his professional career at "Studio 65" which was one of the main leaders in the business between 1970 and 1975.  He founded a professional studio, becoming well known for his collaborations with companies such as Slide, Gufram, FontanaArte, Poltrona Frau, Maligno, Lualdi, Olivari and Bertolotto Porte. With the exhibition "Big Bang" at the "Centre Pompidou", the figure of Arnaudo is placed between the personalities that have marked the most significant artistic activities of the twentieth century as being "anti-museum". The permanent collection of the "Centre Pompidou" in Paris is hosting his work "Dejeuner sur l'arbre", as is the Vitra Design Museum in Basel.