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Astra is a reality increasingly known and appreciated both on the National and Foreign market, able to combine quality and reliability at an ever innovative and creative design, rigorously 'Made in Italy'.

Astra offers a complete range of Traditional and Modern models, as testimony of a market growth that has strong roots, result of a rich tradition of craftsmanship and passion for their own work, typical of Alto Livenza Furniture District.

The continuous creation of new models to better interpret the most contemporary lifestyles, some of which are covered by registered patent, have allowed the growth and success of Astra, where the highest degree of customization on each item and the high quality standard of the service offered have become the mission and the core business of the Company.

Therefore, all information and details provided are the result of over forty years of study and work with Consumers: a passion that pushes Astra to always look for new solutions to make every kitchen a moment of design that lasts.


The choice of different types of wood used in our kitchens, both Traditional and Modern, both in doors and accessories, testify the precise intention of Astra to not use wood from primary forest but from specifically created plantations, in which it is established a balance between cutting and planting.

The chipboard panels

ASTRA adopts materials and production methods that do not create environmental imbalances, respecting the regulations that limit the emission of harmful substances. The cutting of the wood happens in a controlled way so as not to deplete the forests and forestry. The multi-layer used in some parts of our kitchens is primarily a natural choice in line with the concept of Bio-architecture, and is also an environmentally friendly product because it doesn’t use raw materials in process of exhaustion, in line with sustainable development. The structures of elements made with wood composites derive from 100% recycled wood. This allows to have the brand 'Guaranteed ECOLOGICAL PANEL 100% recycled wood'. A special attention is paid to the issue of FORMALDEHYDE (gas suspected of being carcinogenic) that the melamine continues to emit for many years even after the purchase. Unlike what happens in Italy, in Germany there is a very strict law that defines the amount of formaldehyde that may be emitted. The melamine that respects the values set by the German law is therefore much closer to our health and is defined as CLASS E1: ASTRA uses exclusively this.

All classic creations in solid wood, with their 25 mm thick massive doors, do NOT use raw materials in process of exhaustion, but from plantations, in line with sustainable development for the respect of future generations.

Statement of CARB Formaldehyde Certification