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Bertolotto Porte SpA is an Italian company that is one of the world leaders in the design, manufacture and marketing of interior doors. They are produced in both classic and modern styles and feature environmentally-friendly high-tech designs that provide high levels of quality, and durability over time.
These are the  plus factors of the Bertolotto package. A brand that intends to become more strategic in the international arena.

«Our mission is to make excellent doors that will feature in the most tastefully and stylishly decorated houses.
All our customers are very important people and our daily energies are all focussed on providing them with a superior quality product at an affordable price. We pay the utmost attention to our customers' expectations: they dream, plan and visualise their homes which are the places where they invest their time and resources. We are very proud to be a part of those dreams.
For us a client is a person who allows us to create new jobs, innovate and invest all our resources on a daily basis so that we can improve our brand and allow it to spread throughout the world. For us  doors are not just objects, they are rather "made-to- measure" one-off creations that will perfectly fit into our customers' houses and will verge on perfection.
We are honoured to bear the Made in Italy  brand and this applies to all the components we use from raw materials to design and production: our product is entirely designed and manufactured in Italy. The original Bertolotto door. It synthesises the way we work and why we are successful.
All of this is due to the trust that our customers have placed in us: our customers are more than 1.5 million households located in over 40 countries throughout the world.»

Bertolotto Porte in figures

  • A high-tech production area of 50,000 square meters as well as outsourcing and joint ventures.
  • Annual production capacity of 250,000 doors - 1,000 doors per day - covering a wide area of Italian/Abroad market.
  • Depth of range: 16 collections for over 38,000 models of doors, 35 woods and 78 standard colours.

Made in Italy

Bertolotto doors and the creativity of Italian craftsmanship are a distinctive combination for the brand. Bertolotto doors are made entirely in Italy, built with premium materials, created in exclusive models and using artisanal processes that are proudly Italian. We believe in the value of Made in Italy, which is recognized and valued around the world as authentic creativity. An overall restyling touched our company at every level ? production, offices, modeling ? and it introduced our new company logo, deeply identified with the Italian flag. In homage to the 150 year anniversary of the Unification of Italy, we dedicated a collection of Bertolotto signed and numbered "150th Anniversary" doors.


The company organization has a branch dedicated to design and product R&D that works ceaselessly to create new models, continue to develop new technical solutions, and satisfy the tastes of our customers around the world.
Every day, new products, new ideas, and new materials are created and tested in various phases on their journey to market, ensuring Bertolotto's consistently high quality standards.

The originals Bertolotto

For years we have worked to conceive and craft new models of doors to furnish your home. We believe in what we do, and our brand is our guarantee: it's on every door leaf, on every package that carries it to your home on our trucks, and every accessory that accompanies our products.
Learn more about "Bertolotto originals" for your home. They'll be with you for life.

BERTOLOTTO PORTE SPA. Planning, production and installation of doors, fire proof doors, security doors, wood semifinished products for interiors, furnishing complements and related accessories.
Fire resistance classification and Accoustical performance