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The stylistic aim of Brummel is based on a strong concept able to create new living spaces’styles, where comfort and originality are perfectly mixed. Its style has a strong and characteristic feature, able to outline this ambitious project’s guidelines, where the project proposal is inspired by a classic style, revised with modern accent. Brummel creates and evolves its concept, following the famous Italian artistic and cultural creativity, which qualifies Italian products all around the world. We are long-time supporters of the concept that comparisons between different cultures give the world a message of positive strength, civility and freedom. The dialogue between culture, history and Italian-ness creates the correct symbiosis for modeling a work of art, knowledge of the artistic world dictates the guidelines for maximizing and popularizing Italian culture, in fact knowing art means discovering, understanding and drawing on the historic, artistic and cultural patrimony that surrounds us. Brummel works on and creates its stylistic identity, basing itself on the artistic-cultural Italian-ness that has made Italy so recognizable and appreciated the world over.

Company Profile

"Brummel cucine was created in 1982, the brainchild of Francesco Stragliotto. Right from the start the aim was to establish a dynamic and functional company where innovation and ongoing research into exclusive, eclectic solutions with an across-the- board appeal would be the distinctive elements contributing to creating a strong, successful brand identity. The ability to blend Italian cabinetmaking tradition with a contemporary sensitivity and significant innovative traits made it possible to rapidly achieve a success that has passed the test of time. A pivotal element was the careful and detailed design that acknowledged and anticipated the demands of a clientele that was increasingly hungry for innovation and wellbeing. A combination of esthetics and functionality able to arouse emotions and gain trust and appreciation on a constantly evolving national and international market. A synthesis between the pride of having the recognized values and quality of Made in Italy products and the ability to earn the trust and esteem of the clientele.

The expansion achieved over the years positioned Brummel on the best international markets, establishing prestigious and important collaborations, earning the appreciation of a demanding public that rewarded the company’s attentive and meticulous choice of raw materials and excellent manual skills. The most valuable species of wood, the absolute protagonist, are selected with passion, patiently seasoned, combined with marble, granite, stone, metal or crystal of rare beauty. Precious details, exclusively designed and realized. Another big step forward in the expansion of the company’s production has taken place over the last few years as Brummel has left classic kitchen production models in order to extend itself to Total Living, products built from the expertise of people who are able to design kitchens combined with a taste for creating emotions and ambiences around the home.

For years the entire production cycle has been carried out exclusively in Italy, in the Brummel factory, where every phase of the production process is carried out. Moreover, strategic partnerships with companies in the technological industry have made it possible to integrate Brummel products with automated elements and operating mechanisms that guarantee a unique, perfectly functional performance. Attentive to ecology and sustainability, the company has a high level of respect for Man and the environment. In fact, Brummel has a production system that maximizes important elements such as the quality, safety and non-toxic nature of its products.

All the raw materials are of FSC controlled origin, and the use of solid wood ensures that Brummel products have zero formaldehyde emissions; during the production phases steps are taken to promote energy savings, the recovery of wastage and the reduction of polluting emissions; environmentally-friendly finishes and water-based varnishing cycles guarantee a healthier environment and protect the health of clients; an in-house incinerator burns wood scraps at very high temperatures with minimum emission of smoke into the atmosphere and producing thermal energy for heating the building. Every Brummel product is a Made in Italy tailored article, environmentally friendly, of the highest quality, always unique, exclusive and equal only to the requirements of the person who chose it. Today, after more than 30 years, Brummel is highly regarded all over the world."