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Copatlife: a new way of living the kitchen

The future starts always now. Responsibility and determination are necessary to look beyond, distinguishing features of Copatlife, a company who has broken the mould and the way of imaging the kitchen.

Copatlife has changed the rules to tell a new story of innovation, concreteness and customer service. It’s a story made of people and design.

The desire of being out of the ordinary, looking at innovations, as a new and exciting opportunity, one that opens to the change, to transform the kitchen into something different: in a space where emotions live. Lines, shapes, surfaces, the essential applied to the art of good manners, write it. Technologies, projects, intuitions, our way of meeting customer’s requirements tell it.

Life is an experience

Copatlife hangar: a space for ideas, a space for interactions.

A place with a soul, a space that embraces life.

Life is an ordinary experience, made of moments, emotions, relations. Copatlife opens its own borders to multisensory processes and contaminations: the hangar, the new space and the new brand's pathway to awareness, information and meeting.

An innovative marketing project that harmonizes the exposition of the product in its functional and planning concept, a storytelling between design and emotions to enjoy and experience.


Simplicity and linearity, reliability and innovation are key points of our modern kitchens

Copatlife reads and understands the present. It uses a simple and innovative language, establishing a connection between the kitchen space and living without divisions, giving always new ideas and encouraging the interpretation of contemporary living.

A new design that allows to set up a new creativity that can represents our business values in each house:

  • semplicity on the design of a “kitchen system” that moves into two worlds: 2.1, its soul is the melamine, and 3.1 characterized by wood, lacquer, glass and technical materials to the same door’s thickness;
  • the innovation and continuous improvement’s research of the product, both for technical features and “use’s performance”. This process moves also from the creation of “special elements” that reinvent the daily use of the kitchen;
  • the linearity and intuition of the company are perceptible from all the instruments that are available to its dealers, and then become a real satisfaction of the final customers’ needs.