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Designing innovative environments that combine aesthetics, creativity and practicality. Share with the clients a consolidated experience on design and build kitchens that not only are beautiful, and functional but that will also last a lifetime; Alltogether, offering a complete and dedicated service.

Arredamenti Dibiesse S.n.c. begins its adventure in 1973, in the middle of Treviso's hills. The new company is proposing itself with enthusiasm, great energy and the desire to grow. The first kitchen, Rossella, laied the groundwork for this project and launches what will be a long history of success.

1980 - “Arredamenti Dibiesse S.n.c.” changes its name to become Dibiesse S.p.A. increasing its work and prospective. Cutting edge features models, ranging from lacquered to essence finishes goes along with a more comprehension of the market needs; the customer service becomes a commitment and the kitchen area becomes a place where experiment finishes and colours.

Dibiesse is involved in Eurocucina 2012 event in Milan Salone del Mobile, with Tratto, a new kitchen concept where tradition and innovations merge in an unique product. The naturalness of the brushed raw elm has been presented with the innovative eco-mortar is Composed of water and 100% natural materials, totally eco-friendly, applied by hand to maintain the natural effect. The unique handle Tratto completes the new kitchen: it is completely integrated on the door and therefore it is invisible to the eye. A device that creates an irresistible combination between the functionality of the opening with the handle and the neat and linear design of the door.

The second week of October 2013, Dibiesse attends the third edition of BIC 3.0. In collaboration with CLEVER and DITRE ITALIA it has be presented a total living experience with kitchen, living area and furniture for the night area. In this occasion Dibiesse presents the new model Smile and the complete colour range of the model Easy 13.

2014 opens with the presentations of new projects at the Turin event Expocasa. During this event it has been presented FENIX NTM: an innovative material obtained through the use of nanotechnology that makes it anti finger print, resistant to scratches and abrasion. Unexpressed desires are the focus of our research, aimed to exceed the expectations with creativity.