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Modular Kitchens, Modern, Classic and Luxury

The mission of Homeis to produce kitchen furniture for domestic use that satisfy the expectations of customers in terms of safety, functionality, quality/price ratio. Through continuous improvement of internal expertise, Home intends to offer customers services also highly innovative, without losing sight of the interests of all stakeholders of the company (particularly the employees) and of the environmental protection.

Values of inspiration for the MISSION

  1. Reliability of the product (security and functionality)
  2. High Quality/Price ratio
  3. Customers satisfaction
  4. Continuous improvement of internal expertise
  5. Innovative services available to customers
  6. Attention to all stakeholders
  7. Respect of the Environment

The company is equipped with a certified process system, subject to annual review by an independent accredited organization, the DNV. This certification is a declaration of a third entity that the company is complying with a certain standard. The basic concept is that the certifying agency has to verify that all of the structures, from raw materials to staff training, from quality control to customer support, are organized in order to keep in mind the customers needs.

The goal is to provide a GUARANTEE to score, both regarding compliance to specific performance and technical features and contract terms agreed.The application of ISO 9001:2008 guarantees to customers compliance with specific organizational rules, which determine constant internal controls and which assume greater efficiency in the management of processes.

ISO 14001:2004 is a voluntary international standard that defines how it should be developed an effective Environmental Management System in the company.

This certification gives to the company a guarantee that environmental concerns related to the company's activities are fully under control. With the application of ISO 14001, the company took the opportunity to include in its corporate Mission three highly topical subjects:

  1. Pollution prevention;
  2. Sustainable development;
  3. Eco-friendly products.

Agostino Mirsayev (CEO): «The strategic choice of adopting the ISO 14001:2004 has required a considerable economic effort and organization: for now we've reached an important change in mindset of employees in the approach to respect for the environment (eg in recycling). For the foreseeable future, I hope that proper environmental management positively affect the image of the product and service offered and can be a differentiating factor in the choice of end customers, as happened for Product Certification». Home has chosen the worldwide known indipendent institution DNV to monitor compliance of ISO 14001: the name DNV worldwide evokes a strong commitment to safety, quality and attention to the environment.

The European standard UNI EN 14749:2005 "Furniture containers and work plans for domestic and for kitchen - requirements of safety and test methods" has recently replaced the UNI EN 1153/97, enabling all companies producing furniture (not only kitchens) to obtain an European certificate of product, provided to carry out tests on the resistance and durability finished products. Home S.r.l. was the second company that produces kitchens in Italy to obtain product certification, awarded in 2002.

Compliance with such legislation obliges the company to run (through external and independent laboratories) a series of mechanical tests on furnitures subject to dangerous use.

Design and manufacture of modular furniture for kitchens certificate. Trade of components for kitchens
Kitchen furniture CERTIFICATE
Design and manufacture of modular kitchens through the steps of cutting, drilling, pantographing, beading, gluing, assembly and packing certificate.