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It all starts from wood and with wood. Gianluigi Marchi has known this since he was young, he works with it, always respecting its natural features, he chooses it because it’s light and lasting, he is passionate about it and how it can be used to bring ideas to life, to steep itself in emotions over time, becoming a warming, welcoming presence in every room.

He is the creative mind of the Group, the multi-talented and inquisitive personality who has designed some of the most famous kitchens. Always alert to what is new and beautiful, he is ever open to new input, conscious that inspiration can come from anywhere- books, films, travel. His world is populated by tradition, culture, and a love of nature; it is also a world that regenerates through innovation, constantly open to it and any future changes that have not yet become trends: The part of the creative process that interests me is not just the designing of something stylish, but designing a lifestyle into it, making sure that the things around us are perfectly consistent with what we feel inside.

This constant pursuit of harmony is what makes his kitchens so special, creating timeless lifestyles and, more importantly, prompting the success of a brand that flies the flag of the Made in Italy concept around the world.


Creative but always ready to tackle a challenge. Thanks to his vision and determination, the Group has grown over the years: from a small outfit with a provincial reach in which Gianluigi Marchi worked alongside a few expert craftsmen, working with wrought iron and milling stone, it has become an international operation. Gian Luigi Marchi is also the perfect example of a craft entrepreneur: thanks to his vision in the beginning and the support of his family afterwards, the company has grown, renewing its offerings and investing in new production lines, in pursuit of a single objective: to combine craft culture with business vision, in harmony with the socio-economic changes that have taken place in the past 40 years.

At the same time, he is ever attentive to the end customer and the importance of producing kitchens of excellent quality in a sustainable way.

I want to maintain my ties to the local area – a long-standing source of strength for us-, I want to hold on to my passion for wood, and I want to bring to life kitchens in which aesthetics and functionality are one and the same; but more than anything else, I want to create special places by never being ordinary.


When everyone was calling wood kitchens “rustic”, I called them “country”. It was a successful insight because it translated a sentiment of mine, a need to look ahead that was shared by many.

Producing kitchens means putting people and their needs at the centre of everything, designing spaces that are not just for mixing, chopping and cooking; they are small pieces of happy worlds that tell stories, ways of life and thinking, reflecting the personality of the people inhabiting them. The ability to imagine different lifestyles, to expand our horizons and be open to comparison while remaining loyal to our founding principles are the secrets of our successful growth.

Our love of wood and pursuit of quality living create something unique, namely kitchens that last longer than fleeting fashions, representing the #Italiantaste that continues to charm the world: take Doralice, for example, Marchi Cucine’s first successful kitchen, designed in 1985, which has evolved over the years and still in production today.



No brand is ever born great, It can only become great. And greatness only comes through the excellence of what you do. Marchi kitchens are beautiful on the outside and resilient inside; they are also designed to be flexible and to fit every home concept. They meet the functional needs of everyday living and present a variety of styles. Our business may have expanded on an industrial scale but we still manage to give each of our kitchens a hand-crafted touch. Marchi Cucine is all this and more. Enter this world and be amazed at what you get when you choose a great brand like this.


The story began forty years ago, back in 1977, the year Gianluigi Marchi embarked on this amazing business adventure. Since then, habits, tastes and ways of life, in Italy and around the world, have changed dramatically. 1977 was the year the first Star Wars film was released and also when a young John Travolta was driving the world crazy with his Saturday Night Fever. It was the year he saw Pink Floyd at the Hallenstadion in Zurich, and when the Space Shuttle made its maiden flight into space. It wasn't alone, their business took off around about the same time.


The March Group now employs hundreds of people, from specialist manual workers and technicians to operators working in process and stock control, management, logistics, and also developers, engineers and managers. Each helps to preserve the company’s defining values, the principles we continue to adhere to in the construction of kitchens. As a result, Marchi products are the perfect fusion of timeless, traditional beauty and evolving trends in style and materials. The Marchi Group has built its business on a long-standing craft tradition, complemented over the years, with cutting-edge technologies and innovative processes. When people visit the Marchi Group at their 15,000m2 facility, I like to show them the new production lines introduced to push quality standards ever upwards, to reduce waste and safeguard the environment. I also like to point to the expert artisans working alongside our state-of- the-art machines. Their role is to give each product a hand-finish so that everything leaving our factory has a distinctive look and a human touch. Each finished kitchen is the ultimate expression of their craft, their sweat, the love lavished on each component, the attention to every detail and their satisfaction with each creation.



We devote a lot a time to selecting the best materials to use in our kitchens because we know that the reliability and After forty years of designing and building kitchens, we bring to our customers a long-standing tradition of using There can be no form without content, no design without matter. lifetime of our products starts from there. only superior quality wood and the singular style of our kitchens.


Our kitchens are built from start to finish in our own plant. This means we can oversee and guarantee the quality of every single stage, from design through to assembly. We invest in innovation every single day: our new production lines help us to optimize production times and costs and reduce our environmental foot print. Alongside the machines we are proud to have human experts, craftspeople who oversee the minute details of each individual process, faithful to the values of traditional cabinet-making and our own history.


A history in constant evolution. What started out as a craft enterprise has, with passion and tenacity through forty years of Italian history, grown into an industrial business to satisfy the needs of our customers. Each business unit offers consistently high quality products through processes that combine the skill of expert cabinet makers with the constant innovation of high-tech production lines.


Worktops in Marchi kitchens are worlds apart from other kitchens: ours are so much more than just a simple surface. We lay them with marble, granite or a conglomerate treated in a series of new processes guaranteeing a Skilled workers cut, mill and polish each piece as well as adding exquisite extra touches that make our kitchens so higher degree of reliability and durability over time. appealing.