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Oikos designs and manufactures tailor-made safety doors with high performance and a refined design, typically Made in Italy. Since 1990, the Venetian company, based in Gruaro, has been known as a market leader in the high-end segment. Oikos, which means "house" in Greek, is the company's name, chosen right because Oikos wants to interact with the houses and, in particular, with the families and people who live there.

Oikos creates its products right for them and people are actually the focus, core and strength that have made this company successful over the years. The production, with very high performances, is certified as Class 3 and 4 for break-in resistance, acoustic insulation, thermal resistance, and air, water and wind tightness. All stages of production take place in hose. This is a strength that allows the realization of a unique safety door of special design, entirely Made in Italy.

Oikos safety doors are the result of over twenty years experience, innate craft skills, continuous technological research, a careful design and the ability to select the countless materials that, once assembled, bring to light an Italian front door that is durable, safe and reliable over time.

The hallmark of Oikos is the extreme customization of its safety doors. The company, in fact, interacts and liaises closely with architects and designers, listening to their needs and acting as the main reference entity in the field of safety doors. Innovation has marked its history. With annual regularity, it brings to market new solutions and proposals in the field of safety doors, which is the expression of the continuous innovation that is inherent in its DNA. The design characterizing Oikos front door Oikos is the result of the best Italian style, allowing the same to be embedded into living contexts of great value.