10 Jan 2016

New Miami model by Biefbi

Totally designed with a car’s design approach, MIAMI kitchen born from the idea of the styles revival which makes the Brand BERTONE successful, tracing its story and values passing through the myth, which arrives directly to the future and new technologies. Design and usability are perfectly combined in this project, where the right choices balance between aesthetic refined and ergonomics originate creative solutions which don’t neglect the functional aspects, for a daily experience in the name of accessibility and convenience. Characterized by forms and sinuous lines which match harmoniously to the straight lines, MIAMI propose a contemporary design with some vintage touches, emphasized by the elegant use of sophisticated materials such as Peltrox for worktop and backsplash use. This innovative steel, combines the unsurpassed characteristics of stainless AISI 304 to the heat, finishing and pewter tradition. The color palette is getting directly from the heritage of Bertone’s brand, indicating as center of this new concept a color which marked the automotive design history, orange, very dear to Bertone and also used for the legendary Lamborghini Miura. The design of MIAMI’s wall units has been inspired by ergonomics and aeronautical technologies, decreasing the dimensions to facilitating the accessibility, thanks to motorized opening which is activated by a simple touch, showing the internal delicate orange lacquering. High tech technologies also for the underneath lightening, thanks to the high definition LED installation, which saturates warm and cold colors at the same time, in a perfect balanced way, making them pleasing for the human eye and loyal to the natural color, for an unprecedented kitchen working experience.

A perfect embodiment of the Italian style which made Bertone’s brand famous all over the world, MIAMI reflect a great aesthetical value and really high industrial quality solution, a high range product which maintains philosophical and constructive  craftsmanship approach which distinguishes the BIEFBI’s forty years of experience. Designed and built for high demanding costumers, MIAMI is easily personalizable customizable, for an automotive purchasing experience and enjoyment.

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