The kitchen is the materialisation of all planning and design considerations: the need for top performance, an evaluation of needs and functionsaesthetics and environmental concerns.

Smeg’s certified laboratories therefore strive to develop solutions that respond to the demands of contemporary living, drawing on all of the company’s experience and the most advanced technology. Essential qualities such as durabilitysafetyflexibility and attractiveness can be seen in all Smeg products. The stringent testing that is repeatedly carried out during the production process is proof that Smeg is 100% committed to ensuring 100% reliability.

Moreover, Smeg is fully in tune with the needs of appliance users: all of its products are easy to use and manage resources very intelligently thanks to cutting-edge interfaces and various programming solutions.


Italian history, culture, cuisine, and beauty, are captured and distilled in the timeless forms of the new Divina Cucina line.

SMEG’s hallmark “Made in Italy” design and production quality has been merged with the creative soul of Dolce&Gabbana to create truly stunning and unique additions to the kitchen.


Introducing the latest design of the iconic FAB28 refrigerator, made in-collaboration with Disney, in-honor of the most-famous mouse on the planet! Featuring a completely-original sketch of Mickey himself, this is a must-have for any fan of Disney, or of SMEG.


Inspired by the opulent atmosphere of the villages of the Italian Riviera, the Portofino line of products come as a cavalcade of vibrant colors cast in enameled steel, filled with SMEG’s signature high technology. This has combined to form the most-energy efficient and most-stylish large-format range ever produced.


Featuring a wide range of product options, from kettles to stand mixers to blenders to coffee machines, SMEG’s line of small appliances, cast in the curved lines and bright colors of classic retro-modern design, are the true stars of any kitchen, providing functionality and looks in equal abundance.

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