• Materik

    Materik basic door collection offers a very good value for money: this economical range is fitted with high-level components: concealed hinges, magnetic locks, frames and architraves in water-repellent materials. Door finishing is scratch resistant, synthetic and reproduces natural wood colour, grain and pattern; you can choose between wood and fashionable lacquer colours, to match with your taste and the most glamorous styles.

  • MetroMap

    Bertolotto’s MetroMap collection of design doors was inspired by underground maps of the world’s most important cities. Every door is unique and their simple lines create special decorations. On the door leaves, essential lines from the different maps meet. The door structure is sturdy, strong and solid, whilst decorations are light and details are carefully refined. You can choose between mat and polyester glossy finish, with a perfect mirror effect. Besides its elegant models, the collection also includes etched-glass doors, with transparent or satin tempered safety glass. This project includes modular wood panelling.

  • Natura

    Natura 3D collection of modern doors includes lacquered doors with floral decorations stylised and applied in relief. These fine decorations embellish linear and solid doors, lacquered with mat or glossy finish, available in all BP and RAL/NCS colours to create high-end, fully customised decorated doors. Decorations are available tone-on-tone or with contrast colours and finishing. In addition to blind door leaves, you can also choose from the glass range.

  • Secur
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    Our priority is to ensure safety for the environment you live in. The SECUR collection of security doors is specifically designed to provide resistance against burglary, protection against noise and weather conditions, so as to avoid loss of heat and excessive energy consumption.

  • Sydney

    Sydney basic door collection offers very good value for money and a modern design with sleek lines. Items of this collection are high-quality products whose scratch-resistant synthetic finish reproduces colour, pattern and pore of real wood. Our wide range includes 145 models of wood and MDF sturdy and technically reliable doors.

  • Sydney Grafite

    Sydney Grafite is a line of minimalist products with synthetic finish. Despite their affordable price, they boast blockboard wood frames, minimalist concealed hinges, magnetic locks and synthetic finishes with structured scratch-resistant surface. These doors come in three modern and trendy colours.The wood grain in relief creates mat and soft nuances that are pleasant to the touch and the sight. The matching frame is the TL/68 model, blockboard wood with the same finish as door leaves.The radial corners of the frame are linear and minimalist. Bending radius being very small, the overall look is extremely dynamic and modern.

    It comes in three colours – Ghiaccio, Ghianda and Grano– with blind door leaves. Similar models include the aluminium insert “ALL” and the new “ALL WOOD”, with wooden insert in four different colours.

  • Sydney Print

    Sydney Print basic door collection offers very good value for money and sleek-lined design and proportions. Items in this collection are high-quality products, whose synthetic finish shows either the colour and pattern of real wood or a white, smooth surface. Our wide range includes various models of wood and MDF sturdy and technically-reliable doors. Sydney Print laminated interior door, colour: Walnut. Opening type: hinged.

  • Titano
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    Titano is a single-panel security door, Class 4 Resistance to Burglary, ideal for villas and detached houses, flats and terraced houses. You can choose amongst three different versions: Titano, Titano CS (with supplementary service lock) and Titano CS PLUS (with supplementary triple-closing service lock). All coatings can be customised according to inner door models from Bertolotto collections.