08 Jul 2016


Gold Edition is not a model, but a concept. It develops along different stylistic lines, but is characterized by the same high quality.

All of the compositions of the line, either in classic or modern styles, are characterized by the use of high quality materials to ensure robustness and solidity, and to maintain the unique characteristics of the kitchen over time.

Each project created is first an idea, that shaped through compositions, accessories and materials, continuously transforms in the wake of new thought and home solutions. Gold Edition is, therefore, a reinterpretation of five of the most prestigious and refined models in the deluxe version.

Working with new materials, Volumia, Primavera, Materia, Cherry and Romantica Decor are presented here in a more refined and valued vestment, beginning, most of all from a careful research in terms of taste and quality gleaned from an intelligent reading of the modern concept of luxury.

The collection is dedicated to the concept of luxury in the kitchen, the Gold Edition includes models enhanced with details and fine finishes that underline the quality of the materials. The choice of composition and the architecture are inspired by concepts of the elegance and richness of the contents. The bright essences and oxidized metals combined with veined marbles create surprising brilliant and contrasting effects that are in perfect harmony with each other.

In this exclusive atmosphere, which calls to mind a bourgeois lifestyle of a bygone era, the collections are based on the modern contemporary in balance with the aesthetic canons of the best Italian design, always in step with the most international trends.