17 Jun 2016

It is presented!

EGO is the new Collection signed Brummel characterized by a classical style interpreted with elegant lightness and natural simplicity.

The search for the classic, in its quality and in its strength, is defined by the materials and finishes eliminating masterfully all kinds of overload scrolls, sculptures and Rococo heavy carvings, giving way to a major sensation of warmth.

EGO is in fact characterized by great columns that end with a harmonious capital, which shows in low relief a lacquered stylized gold-plated leaf, identifying symbol of the entire Collection. Another distinguishing element is the frame of the doors that highlights extremely pleasant curve lines, able to encompass every possible combination with wood, lacquer, stone, gold leaf, silver, copper or brass, smooth or embossed leather, glass and so on.

The entire Collection EGO is thought to be tinted lacquer ivory, desert or moss, or made of precious and carefully selected wood essence such as Wengè, Ebony Makassar, Rosewood and Walnut. Each essence, also presents the parties in a slightly metallic lacquer, in the color tone with the essence choice.

This stylistic choice allows a perfect insertion both in classic and a contemporary fashion. It is also thought to be present in all aspects of interior design, from the kitchen to the dining area, from the living to the night area, from the entrance to the bathroom with the personalized wall panels, stating for each type some particular clearly differentiated aesthetic solutions between them.

A versatile Collection is ideal to dress with beauty villas, penthouses, luxury dwellings, rooms of prestigious hotels. The "great bespoke tailoring" that Brummel is capable of expressing finds the maximum of own developments with the EGO Collection.

Kitchen is characterized by a large bands on the returning softly basis, as well as the high three bands made with precision and creating a dance of the lines and volumes which will be recalled in every situation of Total Living.

It is presented with the new wengè finish. The top the backsplash are made of marble Emperador Dark. The central island, which is large and highly functional, has a recessed side with a soft and appealing curve, characterized by horizontal bands underlined by metallic lacquering. It contains two separate elements united by the same top, which is equipped with a sophisticated mechanism that can be lifted on one side and controlled by a remote.

The Collection includes two more islands: a rectangular with storage compartments and cup holders in addition to a rotating top, supported by a fold-out bar; the other comes from a romantic butterfly design and is made with the new lacquering textured "ice", exclusive Brummel.

The table has a rare form of curved triangle, able to accommodate 9 persons (190x190 cm), and is accompanied by chairs with a delicate historical reference, with backrest that opens onto the seat to increase the comfort. The Ego Collection also contains another type of wooden table with rectangular shape and curved sides and with the insert of the marble Emperador Dark.

The handles and knobs are made of solid brass with the leaf positioned in relief like a small detail of jewelery.


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It is presented!