03 Aug 2016

Opera 30

Characterized by clear and squared lines, that are interplaying with massive structures and beauty of each composition, element or detail, the collection is the pure balance between modernity and luxury. Characterized by unique and strong identity, OPERA 30 expands its range and is renewed in aesthetics and compositions variety, while maintaining the classic V-style, the emblem of the Collection. Attention is focused on precious woods, such as Santos rosewood and Makassar ebony, combined with elements in different shades of lacquer. The nubuck leather, smooth, diamond mesh quilted, glittering, with or without studs, plays a fundamental role in New Collection Opera 30 and is offered not only for upholstery, but also as furniture coating. The prestige of OPERA 30 is denoted by the quality and uniqueness of various solutions, by functionality and comfort that can be seen and felt in all environments, ranging from kitchen to living room, from bathroom to office.

Kitchen and Dining Room

The new kitchen Opera 30, elegant and functional at the same time, is offered in ivory lacquered finishing with elements in Makassar ebony. The island, characterized by recognizable massive squared forms, is equipped with kitchenette and sink plus several drawers in various sizes. The top is crystal. The tall unit welcomes the most modern appliances and pays special attention to the wine area to confirm the sensitivity of Brummel reception and conviviality offering highest quality in terms of quality and aesthetics. The kitchen is oriented towards the dining area where the wood and lacquer are harmoniously reversed. Refined panels cover the walls and doors and houses a V-shaped lamp, the symbol of the collection. The dining table has a round top in wood and lacquering and a central leg in size, that also plays an important role together with alternation of finishes. Chairs and stools are coated with nubuck leather in green water color, recalling gentle tones of the island countertop.


Refined and elegant, the bathroom Opera 30 is identified with the same style that characterizes the entire collection. Squared and geometric shapes interplay with dominating precious rosewood and Santos Makassar ebony, underlined or interspersed with lacquered profiles.

Available with a double or mono sink, the bathroom Opera 30 acquires even more value due to the choice of marbles, used for the sophisticated countertop. The storage capacity of furniture, as well as usage of beautiful crystals and mirrors, complete the composition, making it functional and unique at the same time.


Outlined by an atmosphere of great prestige, the Opera 30 office collection consists of several elements that can furnish both the corporate and residential environments. The desk has a shape of stretched hexagon with a circular recess in front of the presidential chair which increases the ergonomics.

Equipped with side classic dressers, it is enriched with additional drawers built into the top. For the top the Santos rosewood and Makassar ebony are used, underscored by large campire slightly glittery hairspray. The board meeting has the same design of the desk but without the curved side. And it is supported by two Gamboni embellished by two very light horizontal steel bands or lacquer.

The library is characterized by a large pyramidal frame in lacquer or wood, while the compartments, the shelves and bottom are in wood. When required, two doors in lacquer or wood or nubuck leather close again a container that can be used with various functions. The handles are the classic V-style featuring Opera 30, or oval with steel frame and interior essence or skin.

The low unit has lacquered doors and is identified by a small wooden frame from the which part of a large pyramidal frame in lacquer. The chairs can be a central stem with racial cast five rays or circular, or business-to-ceiling and steel profiles. The nubuck glitter leather is used, or quilted with or without studs in the intersections of the lines.

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Opera 30

OPERA 30 is the collection, created by Brummel in 2014 on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the company.


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