29 Mar 2017

SINFONIA. The different sides of classic

The ways of seeing classic have changed. Sinfonia proposes the same door in different stylistic versions of classic, emphasizing its versatility.

The true essence of this model are its details such as the cornice, the framed door with cross-bars and the etched fabric-effect glass, complemented by elements such as the over-worktop drawers, the Doria doorknob in old-finished bronze with a decorated insert, adding a romantic touch of elegance to a composition that is already rich in precious details.

With the combination of classic inspired elements and contemporary compositions it is possible to create 6 different styles thanks to the new wood door in Siena scuro, and three lacquered doors in Bianco Anticato, Grigio Dorian and Grigio Sabbia Anticato.

Pure classic: A cozy style with a rustic feel, dedicated to those who still seek an artisan look, where different shades of wood along with natural shades are the protagonists. A simple door with a smooth centre panel characterizes in a simple manner the aesthetics of the door fronts.

Aristocratic classic: A conservative style, two different colors for this stylistic variant where the volumes are divided into complex and elegant compositions, while retaining the simple calling of a framed door with a flat central panel. Glass cabinets, handles and portals characterize the kitchen environment composed of a central island.

Country classic: The beauty of this type of furniture is in the nature and in the warmth that it transmits. Furniture of this kind evoke a unique sense of family but also a great formal environment. The wooden base unit is cooled by the white, an unusual country style that is both articulate and sophisticated.

Shabby classic: Sinfonia, in its shabby version, fuses the allure of the past with the concept of contemporary elegance. Delicate tones but of strong character, the slatted effect of the over-countertop units recall shabby elements along with romantic details, thanks to the use of the decorated ceramic knob. The wall unit system is embellished by on open element with shelving and an English style glass cabinet. Details such as the doors and handles represent essential elements in a kitchen with a classic soul.

Contemporary classic: A classic kitchen with a more modern look. The framed door declined in two colors, such as Bianco Anticato and Grigio Sabbia, the absence of molding, the use of an essential line handle, the aluminum plinths and modern open units, these elements lead us to interpret new and light stylish metropolitan environments.

Industrial classic: the industrial style is reinterpreted and softened in its tones, warmed by the framed door, and led to a more homely dimension. The stylistic choices that prefer raw materials such as oxidized metals and raw stones used in the most modern concepts of open spaces, characterized by the absence of traditional wall units, are preserved.